Chevolleau Biography
Camille Renault

Jean Chevolleau et Camille Renault

Selective biography


November 18, the birth of Jean Chevolleau in La Roche-sur-Yon (Vendée). Childhood and teenage years spent between La Roche-sur-Yon and Fontenay-le-Comte, which became his home in 1934.


Elementary schooling at the Ecole des Frères and Ecole des Cordeliers – Fontenay-le-Comte.


Secondary schooling at the Lycée François Viète, Fontenay-le-Comte.

1946 à 1950

Student at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris at the Ateliers Jaudon & Lemagny for engraving. Also the atelier Othon Friesz at the Grande Chaumière.


Graduated as a Teacher of Art in the city of Paris, where he was to stay for thirty years. He frequented the “Groupe de Puteaux” and met Jacques Villon and Camille Renault…


He discovered Spain and in particular the small fishing town of Peniscola.


Returned to Fontenay-le-Comte and his house on rue des Halles.


November 20, the death of Jean Chevolleau.
“La Maison Chevolleau” is still a place of residence for artists and each year hosts the “Parcours Contemporain” organized by the town.

Awards & Distinctions

1956 First silver medal, “Prix du Palais Royal”, Paris. Prix de Peinture L. Moreau, L'Isle Adam.
1958 Sélection du Prix Pacquement – Musée d’Art Moderne.
1960 Prix International du Gemmail - Paris.
1965 Silver Medal from the town of Puteaux.
1979 Appointed Ordre de Chevallier des Arts et des Lettres.
1987 Appointed Ordre de Chevallier des Palmes Académiques.